More than comfortable in her own imaginary world, Sadhna Prasad is a curious, young and spirited designer,currently based in Mumbai, India.

Currently a freelancer, I want to be anywhere where I can be creative and help change the world.
I love colour, making fantasy worlds, murals and patterns.
I currently thrive on design, illustration, and type explorations.
I enjoy being busy and have a soft corner for stationery, coffee and love making lists.



Sadhna Prasad is a storyteller of powerfully positive art. A post graduate in Illustration from the Camberwell College of Arts, London, her namesake brand was established in Bangalore, India in 2016, where she continues to live.

Recent work has seen her progressing from her popular digital art based range to include Animation, Interior Design, Textile and a continued love affair with popup colours, where her love for food and design are brought to life.

Influences include the Aravani Art Project alongside the simple desire to put a refreshing smile on people’s faces.

Her signature vibrant style present a boundless energy that work perfectly for interior and social spaces.

Clients include: Adobe, Barclays, Flipkart, Amelias Coloring Book and more.

Commissions and collaboration welcomed.


H K KEJRIWAL, Young Artist Award, 2016
Adobes Worlds Biggest Student Art Show, Brooklyn, NYC, 2015
MA Selective Show, UAL, 2015
MA Illustration Degree Show, UAL, 2015
Artistic Collection, Hoxton Arches, London, 2014
UnMagazine, Campus Diaries, March 2014